Medical Products

Supplying the Medical Industry with High-Quality Foam, Non-Woven, and Plastic Products

Dott Products has hundreds of quality products for the medical supply industry.  

medical foam products | dott productsOur competitively-priced products are used to improve patient comfort and assist with their daily care. These are geared towards the rehabilitation, physical & occupational therapy, and exercise therapy fields of the medical industry. 

We offer a wide variety of products for each field including options on packaging.

 Aids for Daily Living (ADL) items:
  • Bath sponges
  • Suction brushes
  • Knee separators
  • Bath mats
  • Sheepskin bed pads
  • Lotion applicators
  • Memory foam bed overlays
  • Ring cushions
  • Padded elbow sleeves
  • Hip Kits
 Orthopedic Padding:
  • Moleskin
  • Felt
  • Foam rubber
  • Closed-cell foams
  • Sherpa
  • Visco foams
 Exercise, Physical, and Occupational Therapy:
  • Foam rollers
  • Rocker boards
  • Balance beams
  • Visco therapy blocks
  • Positioning rolls
  • Wedges
  • Wheelchair gel padding

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Why Choose Dott to Supply Your Medical Business?

One of the many benefits of sourcing your medical products from Dott is our private label offering. This allows us to give you a competitively priced product under your label to sell against "branded products". Alternatively, you can leave your products unbranded to be used in a variety of markets.

We are also an FDA registered facility, so you can be confident that our level of quality and customer care is of the highest standard.

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Medical Products

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Dott Products is the place to go when you need premium quality foam, non-woven, and plastic products including standard and custom projects.

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