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Our Sevices and Equipment are Developed to Manufacture Top-Quality Products

At Dott Products, we have the necessary machinery, experience, and customer services to ensure that you get the products you need, when you need them, with 100% satisfaction. We specialize in converting cellular foam, non-woven polyester media, and plastics into standard and custom products to make your job easier.

Die-cutting capabilities for affordable products | Dott ProductsWe provide many services including:

 Die Cutting

Die cutting allows us to streamline our processes when it comes to cutting the same shape over and over again. With die-cutting equipment, we are able to produce the same product, same quality, every time, without fail.

 CNC Pneumatic Cutting (Flash Cutting)

Our CNC pneumatic cutting equipment allows us to take a CAD drawing and convert the design into the product you need.  It is more beneficial for custom projects as it can avoid additional charges for dies. This cutting allows for faster production and turnaround times.

 Adhesive Laminating

We apply a variety of transfer adhesives to various materials for parts that need to be bonded. An example of this would be adding an adhesive to insulation that would later be applied when assembling a heating unit. 


We provide custom packaging products and solutions to ensure your products avoid damage in shipment. Learn More.

Additional Services:

  • Slitting
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Packaging (private label options available)
  • Our delivery and shipping options are flexible.
  • Don't see a service you need? Just ask us!

We work with our customers from concept through design and production to provide a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. 

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Our Equipment

  • Flash cut pneumatic CAD cutting system
  • 30 TN hydraulic press
  • 60 TN belt feed hydraulic press
  • Adhesive laminator and slitter
  • Vertical and horizontal foam saws
  • Slitter with crosscut

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Dott Products is the place to go when you need premium quality foam, non-woven, and plastic products including standard and custom projects.

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